Light creations outlined by metallic lines that follow paths designed by the expert hands of Italian craftsmen who seem to slip like letters on manuscripts left blank to give freedom of expression to creativity of pure and genuine inspiration rather than the spurious imagination of those who choose to rely on professionalism to give substance to your ideas.


We do not stop when the request points towards the need for a complete partner for the complementary aspects of the market needs. The challenges related to the creation of multimaterial design structures capable of bridging the gap between planning and implementation represent the steps that day after day are giving us confirmation of our relentless up-grade capable of keeping up with the increasingly constant unconventional needs


Metal structures, steel constructions, glass pigmentation and lighting. This is what we do with great passion, creativity and professionalism and that has given us the opportunity to be on the market for almost 20 years. From the project through development to production, our creations take shape step by step; our independence the particular workings inside have allowed us to excel not only in the quality of our product, but also in customization.


Custom projects have become over the years a must have for our work and today represent the drive to get involved every time starting from stardard versions up to the development and production of a wide range of creations that can be customized both in terms of color shape and functionality by opening the field of our possibilities and our customers

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"Italian craftsmanship that shapes all the edges of mind"

Tatrai Assembling di Tatrai Viktoria, Via Monte Pasubio, 32 –  31050 Fanzolo di Vedelago (TV), P.IVA IT03930050277, phone +39 388 8269322, info@tatrai.it